Neugestaltung Tessiner Platz, Zurich

Neugestaltung Tessiner Platz is designed by Kuhn Truninger in 2005. The project is constructed in 2006.

The redevelopment of Tessiner Platz clears the spatial configuration of the space. With canopy of  trees, the station gets back his original narrowness. The different transport systems arrange themselves under the spatial situation. Asphalt is used as material combined with the polygonal concrete fields.


2 responses to “Neugestaltung Tessiner Platz, Zurich

  1. I am doing a case study on Neugestaltung Tessiner Platz.
    If you have more information about this space, could you please tell me more about the history of the space and the reason/need behind its redesign?
    I would also like to know more about:
    Previous and current usages.
    Information on the design, meaning of polygons, trees, fountain, circular bench etc.
    What you meant by the stations “original narrowness”.

    Also if you could translate: “geschenk des bildhauerverbandes der region zurich anlasslich senies 100”


    • Dear Yota,

      We will appreciate if you can share your opinions about Tessiner Platz whenever you finish your study about it.
      Good luck…

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