Square Four, Beirut

Square Four in Beirut/Lebanon is designed by Vladimir Djurovic. This year the project is awarded by ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) with honor award.

“At the onset of Weygand Street, one of the main gateways to the newly redeveloped city center, between ancient ruins, new modern buildings, mosques and churches, Square Four emerges. Occupying a space of 815 square meters, it provides a haven of greenery, shade and calm within a busy urban setting.”

“The square’s design responds to an abstract conception of the area, where the space itself, its materiality, its sounds, light quality, and even smells become its essential constituent elements. It is a space thought of as an escape from the city bustle while sited at the core of the city itself. A serene space that allows the city to speak about itself and its memory through the reflection of its skyline, with its mosques and churches, on the water surface, always sheltered by the two majestic ficus trees.”

“Inspired by the existence of these historic ficus trees that have withstood the test of time and witnessed all that has passed before them, the concept begins to unfold. The composition revolves around framing and highlighting these existing sculptural trees, which embrace and protect this public space. A raised water mirror flanking the street, physically marking and visually expanding the space, a 20-meter solid stone bench facing the water, a long wooden deck embracing the trees and adding warmth, are the main constituents of the space.

Endless reflections, soothing sounds of cascading water, subtle lighting and greenery frame the entire composition, and provide people with an intimate space in which, even for a moment, one can be in the middle of it all, yet at the same time escape. A place to sit for a while, reflect, contemplate, and rejuvenate.”

Photos byGeraldine Bruneel, Matteo Piazza, Roger Moukarzel. Text from ASLA.


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