Plaza de Dalí -Madrid

 Plaza de Dali is designed by architect Francisco Mangado. With its 23090 metersquare area, the square has a value for the center of Madrid city.


“The project follows two objectives: through the improvement, repaving and restructuring of the complex, to endow it with a formal significance in tune with its importance as a central public space of the city, but also to attain a certain degree of comfort to allow neighbors, who up to now contemplated this area with some distance, to make it their own.”

“The aforementioned framed spaces, with a more pleasant and cozy scale, are materialized here with landscaped surfaces that rise from the paving and slope in the form of wedges filled with soil and deep enough to contain vegetation and trees, as well as urban furniture pieces and benches that turn this space into a welcoming living area. The main objective throughout the development of this project has been to plant trees in spite of the lack of subsoil.”


“A “dense” paving, built in granite and bronze, highlighted by the sculptures of Francesc Torres, as well as the LED strips that give the square a new geometric order and visual appeal.”



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