Sidewalk and urbanization of the old city center of Banyoles

Sidewalk and urbanization of the old city center of Banyoles/Girona is designed by Mias architects in 1998. The design is selected via competition and Mias’ design won the first prize.

Project got realized in 8 years between 1998-2006 by spending 2M€.

“Irrigation canals had been covered over and become part of the town sewer system. The project was to “pedestrianize” the whole area, removing all the old sidewalks and started with the paving of the Main Square (the centrepiece of the project) using a tessellated arrangement of travertine pavers, which was extended to the adjoining streets and lesser squares over the different phases of the project.”

“On the other hand, the irrigation system was uncovered intermittently along the pedestrian ways. At certain points, larger sections were opened to make small pools around which children might play.”

The linearity of the pedestrian ways is broken up by cutting open channels through them to highlight the presence of the water.

Project Prizes
2007 Comarques De Girona First Prize – Exterior Spaces.
2009 Catalonya Construction Prize – Rehabilitation Category.



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