Plaza del Torico

Plaza del Torico, in Teruel/Spain, is designed by architects b720 in 2005. Covering an 3730 m2 area, the project cost 6,5M€.

“The intervention focuses on the complete renovation of the appearance of the square, its pavement, their porches and facades, following a carefully designed lighting. And assumed, in addition, the recovery for the public of the tanks that are placed under the square, elements of great value and artistic heritage.”

“The compositional strategy of systematic repetition and variation materializes physically on the surface of the pavement of basaltic stone: light through a system based on LED technology. The remodelling of the Plaza del Torico has included an innovative lighting system consisting of 1.230 luminaries led lamps embedded in the ground that have the ability to change color using a video program, which can generate different textures and rhythms light.”

“Light colors prevail over others there and, together with the light treatment, accentuate the characteristics and proportions of the space and its archaeological items. An invitation, in the town of Teruel, to enjoy a dynamic tour between elements of an archaeological nature of the past and contemporary art forms.”






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