Ivy Street Roof Garden

Designed by Andrea Cochran Landscape Architects, the project is awarded by ASLA in 2005.

The Ivy Space Roof Garden has been designed in a space that was created during the renovation of an old warehouse into residential lofts. The penthouse was gutted to the walls and the roof terrace was planned off the penthouse space, over an addition to the older building.

The client wanted a low maintenance garden with soft planting to balance the industrial architecture. Another important requirement was to construct a fence to provide security and screening from an adjoining roof. To create an extension to the terrace with the materials used in the interior, a screen fence was designed using sanded plexi-glass panels to allow the light to pass through and change throughout the day. The glass pieces were cut in trapezoidal shapes and bolted to a steel armature at different angles to diffuse the boundary and to allow the wind to flow through the fence. On the other side of the roof deck, a cantilevered canopy was made using the same materials to provide a cooler shade area during summer afternoons.

A series of height-varied wavy aluminium planters designed parallel to the penthouse at the centre of the terrace provide an interesting green foreground and create a sense of depth. The paving materials are elevated above the existing surface allowing the deck to be level with the drainage flowing below. To accommodate the weight versus combustibility and cost factors for the paving, three paving materials were selected and used in combination: checker plate aluminium, pre-cast concrete pavers and Trex recycled lumber.

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