House in the Garden

The House in the Garden is designed by Cunningham Architects and the project is completed in 2006.

The House in the Garden is a free-standing addition to an elegant modernist house on an adjoining lot. Several existing Red Oak and Elm trees were incorporated into the garden design, whereby both lots contributed to the formation of a larger garden en masse.

A modern two story box, the house is clad on three sides with a rainscreen system, utilizing Ipe hardwood that will weather over time to a silver-grey sheen. The south façade is glazed in frameless, insulated glass units incorporating two 8 foot wide sliding glass doors. A 14 foot cantilevered roof protects this façade from the harsh Texas sun while serving as a porch to the glass-tiled infinity edge swimming pool.

There is a guest bedroom and painting studio on the upper level. Downstairs, the concrete floor and exterior deck provide a seamless transition from the living room to the garden.

The house provides ample space for part of a larger collection of art and automobiles.
At 5250 sq. ft., the House in the Garden is barely discernable from the street as it is discreetly set back to the rear of the lot behind a stainless steel mesh and recycled glass privacy wall. Illuminated from within, the glass wall gives no indication of the urban oasis behind it.




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