SEART- Sylvia Park

Designed by landscape architecture and urban design office Isthmus, The ‘SEART Park’ is designed around the underside of ‘South Eastern Arterial’ motorway overpass SEART.

SEART itself is a cold, dark and grey concrete and steel highway bridge, and has a signifi cant presence across the site. The challenge was to develop a design that turned a potentially negative existing feature into what could arguably be one of
the most unique and memorable aspects of the project. The design had to work in both its continual shade during the day and continued darkness at night.

SEART Park is conceptualised to contribute both forest and ocean landscape elements to the very constructed urban area. These were environments that the historical portage route between the east and west coast ran through. The main design element is simply vertical steel poles, painted with vibrant colours to bring life, energy and excitement into thispotentially negative space. The slender poles were chosen to contrast and soften the solid highway bridge structure.

Project awards: 2008 NZILA RESENE COLOUR AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, 2008 NZILA Rural / Park / Recreational SILVER AWARD




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