Splash Pad Park

Designed by HOOD Design, Splash Pad Park was created as a major component to the Lake Merritt park environment.

Cut off physically from its adjacent park systems by the Interstate 580 freeway, today its role is as the forecourt to the historic Grand Lake Theater. The new design strengthens its connection to the adjacent park lands through the development of a twinkling bracelet promenade at its edges.

This will connect to Lake Merritt’s historic “necklace of lights”. At the space’s center is a wood paved gathering space with lights illuminating from below its surface.

A water wall with sparkling jets odefine its edge. The space is ordered by small walkways that link its users under the freeway to the adjacent commercial corridor.

To further re-engage the site to its context, Lake Park Way is closed and transformed to a pedestrian pathe that accomodates a weekly Farmer’s Market and other informal activities.

Construction cost $900,000.

text&images: http://www.wjhooddesign.com


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