Centro Direzionale Forum

Designed by Mario Cucinella Architects, mixed use building is located at the junction of a busy road at the entrance to Rimini town. It is five stories high and houses 1,700 m2 of offices and retail units.

The most striking feature of the design is the curved façade that faces the street, a green skin reminiscent of traditional ivy covered buildings. It is made from a steel grid where climbing plants grow that creates an uninterrupted screen over the entire length of the building, embracing the lateral elevations and connecting to the rear courtyard façade.

This screen serves to give the building an homogeneous form that is in turn broken by a vertical split – a deep fracture that leads to a garden behind. The dark colour used on the building contributes to the contrast between the green skin and the entrance fissure.

The offices floors have balconies that overlook the street and are screened by the climbing plants. This system is permeable to air and light so the walkways can be used as veritable outdoor spaces.

The internal elevation of the building has a more secluded feel with its view over the internal courtyard garden.

text&images: http://www.mcarchitectsgate.it


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