Castle Park

Castle Park is designed by Topotek1 and with the occurrence of the Wolfsburg State Horticultural Show in 2004 the Schlosspark (Castle Park) was conceived as the city’s green calling card and as a quiet complement to the adjacent entertainment park Erlebnis-Welt.

A multitude of structuring measures were implemented to open the park once again towards the surroundings. Moreover, additional areas and new sceneries were added to the historic landscape-garden: At the Allerwiesen (Aller meadow) conservation area the circulation was carefully improved by adding a wooden walkway. The horse-meadows were made publicly accessible without disturbing the use as a paddock.
A newly laid out path leads through the extended park.

The English landscape garden may be associated with film, and accordingly the design of
Schlosspark Wolfsburg corresponds to a moving picture. The movement, however, is different from a film where everything moves around the observer; in this case the movement is created by the observer himself.

The circular gardens as new sceneries offer a constantly changing perception of space, with a multitude of visual axes and connections. The three new circular gardens – Sculpture Garden, Rose Garden and Forest Garden – are each mounted with polished stainless steel. They fit into the historic landscape as reflecting objects and serve as a contemporary interpretation of an element typical of traditional landscape gardens of the 18th and 19th centuries: the folly. In the smooth surface the lushly green landscape-park is reflected.

As a temporary scenic addendum, a colourful playground with inflatable play equipment was positioned next to a ‘staged’ horse paddock surrounded by pink fencing. The newly developed colour concept integrates all the elements of the Horticultural Show, from the paving materials used in new paths to the site’s furniture and its planting areas. It conveys a sense of coherence within the extended park.




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