Malov Axis

ADEPT and LiWplanning received The Danish Landscape Award 2010 for their project ‘Måløv Axis’ in Ballerup, Denmark. The purpose of the award is to bring landscape architecture in both urban and rural areas into focus.

The Måløv Axis connects the new district Søndergård with the old part of the suburb Måløv across two large traffic barriers, Frederikssundsvej and the S-train line. The project is a safety-related, functional and aesthetic improvement of the intersections.
Måløv Axis is to be an attractive urban space for everyone, especially for the citizens of Måløv. The project will serve as an example of how to solve a problem, known in many cities, where the city’s traffic and development result in areas being cut off from each other.

By the Måløv Station a huge leap of a stair and ramp construction encourages recreational and social activities. Finally, ‘The Tavern Site’, formerly an overgrown hillside, is transformed into a steep and contemporary urban space.



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