Pool Pavilion

Designed by Peter Gluck and Partners this recreational structure is conceived of as a rift in the landscape, along the shore of Lake George.

Less building than an earth form, the structure serves as a central gathering place, which unites the existing family and guest houses around a series of exterior and interior spaces. The program includes outdoor playfields, terraces, patios, and an indoor lap pool, theatre, gym, and office.

Much of the program, including the pool, gym, and theatre are topped with sod roofs to create an upper terrace and large playing fields. These fields are linked to the lake, pool, gym and courtyard below by sod ramps and bluestone stairs.

Continuous planes of low iron glass and large sliding panels connect the pool space to the outside, allowing the pool to act as a kind of indoor-outdoor bridge between the formed sunken courtyard on one side, and the natural world of the lake on the other.

Continuous walls of locally-quarried bluestone wrap around and through the structure, demarcating the landscape rift as the central organizing element.

text&images: http://www.gluckpartners.com



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