An Urban Garden front the residence

“This urban garden, in the Pacific Heights district of San Francisco, was designed by Lutsko Associates. The garden was designed to convey the sense of the urban fabric of the city to the site. From inside, the garden is intimately experienced as a sequence of outdoor rooms, spaces and design features concealed and revealed sequentially as one passes through each threshold in the composition.

The garden is divided into a series of three rooms, enclosed garden, each tightly defined by the architecture and / or planted borders. The variety of edge treatments of translucent glass, the hand-troweled plaster, a curved wall of brass, and planting it to explore the relationship between the viewer and the adjacent off-site conditions. The walls between rooms are composed of Prunus caroliniana hedges cut, fit inside the steel structure. Boundaries between spaces create a sense of mystery and discovery, moves through the garden.

Each room is different in form and quality. The first room, which need light and privacy, is defined by translucent glass that emits light and reveals subtle ways off the edge of the garden. This advantage is enhanced with billowing Pelargonium tomentosum cacaliifolia Salvia and bring a sense of nature and the fragrance within otherwise built.

The sculptural forms of multi-branched Osmanthus fragrans against a plaster wall clean terminate the order to see this space. The second room is dominated by the most dramatic element of the garden, a large curved wall made of bronze.

From a crevice in the wall, water cascades into a bowl cut in the pavement below. Set against a wall of an adjacent building, the use of water creates a sensual edge to space, quiet introspective. In the third room, the visitor gets an amazing view of the city, the bay, and the Trans-America building through an open panel windowlike in a translucent wall.

Wall panels reeded glass balustrade of the neighboring layers Beaux-Arts recognizes the pastiche of the city, and is a reference to changes in styles of architecture over time. A lemon tree, espaliered against a plaster wall, aligns with the axial view of the garden.”




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