Green Invasion

With the goal of recovering the historical center of Peru’s capital city, a group of organizations put together an event called Gran Semana de Lima or Lima’s Great Week, which aimed to create new life in the streets.

Among other activities, there was a contest for urban interventions and one of the winners was this amazing project called Green Invasion by architects Genaro Alva, Denise Ampuero, Gloria Andrea Rojas and industrial designer Claudia Ampuero.

Using recycled tires, plastic and lots of grass, the team turned the concrete filled Pasaje Encarnacion in a beautiful park and point of encounter where kids were allowed to step into the green.

As in many cities in Latin America, in Lima there’s a real state frenzy that is rapidly moving forward building the highest amount of sq. meters per piece of land at the cheapest price, leaving recreation and public places relegated. While the World Health Organization says there has to be 8 sq. meters of recreation area per person, in Lima there’s only 1.98.

The green invasion was a response and a call for attention to this subject, showing how important public areas and green spots are for a city and its inhabitants.

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