Agora Theatre – Nathan Phillips Square Revitalization

Agora Theatre is an awarded project for the revitalization of Nathan Phillips Square. The project was selected for the Toronto Urban Design Awards- Award of Excellence in 2007.

Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners, with PLANT Architect, Peter Lindsay Schaudt Landscape Architect and Adrian Blackwell are the winning team in the Nathan Phillips Square Revitalization Competition at Toronto City Hall.

As jury commented; “a respectful plan that restores the dignity of Toronto’s iconic urban space, this intervention maintains the best qualities of the original scheme – the pool, the Moore sculpture and the open plaza – while editing or re-animating some of its less successful elements. Although readily implementable and apparently sustainable, the project will require long-term commitment.”


The first phase, now complete, transforms the wind-swept podium of Toronto’s modernist City Hall into a vibrant downtown park with a 40,000 square foot green roof.

Designed with a matrix of plants that provide changing color throughout the seasons, the new ‘garden’ activates a part of Nathan Phillips that was closed to the public for nearly a decade.

Phase II of the project, focusing on creating a robust landscape that is both economically and ecologically sustainable for the square in front of City Hall, is underway.




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