Nashville Public Square

In 2003, the City of Nashville undertook a multi-million dollar renovation to its Metro Courthouse complex including a 5 level subterranean parking garage and “rooftop” public plaza.

The total downtown site, consisting of approximately 7.5 acres, includes a 2.25-acre state-of-the-art intensive greenroof over the parking structure. A cornerstone of the design team’s concept was the establishment of a truly civic open space that embodies the term “Public Square”, providing unfettered access to all citizens to this civic hub from which a new pedestrian connectivity to the surrounding city could be realized.

The civic lawn, native gardens, fountains and seating areas provide an urban respite for both passive and active recreation that was previously missing from the downtown area. The space is now sought after to host civic events, large gatherings or Frisbee players.

This new park not only complements the renovated 1930’s art-deco styled courthouse architecture, but accentuates its grandeur from all perspectives using rich, timeless materials that are also authentic within its contemporary design interpretation.

Awards: Green Roof Award of Excellence in June 2007 from the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities organization.

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