City Balcony

Designed by KCAP,  the project program consists 6.200 m2 station forecourt and bike park for 4.000 bikes, dynamic bus stop and infrastructural  restructuring.

The area around Groningen’s railway station is undergoing a transformation into a dynamic urban zone with the 19th-century station at its centre.

The building was fully restored a while ago, and is now being furnished with a forecourt raised to the level of the station concourse and the platforms.

This ‘city balcony’ (Stadsbalkon) offers travellers and passers-by a place to take a promenade with a view across the city.

Beneath it there is a storage facility for about 4.000 bikes, which is set on an underground thoroughfare for cyclists.

The modularization and perforation of the pedestrian deck establishes a diversity of links between the spaces above and below.

The city balcony represents a lively, urban forum for city residents as well as for departing or arriving visitors. The plaza provides a traffic-free zone to pleasantly while away some time with a view of the city and space for terraces and cultural activities.

It transforms the station into a fitting gateway to Groningen whereby the city can present itself as an atmospheric city of culture.






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