Meeting Bowls

The Meeting Bowls are social places for gathering, getting to know people and fostering dialogue in small groups.

They are large objects shaped like bowls with seating to accommodate eight people. The inviting semi-spherical capsules are installed outdoors in spaces with high pedestrian traffic. They are designed to promote interaction by having those seated inside face one another. These “social” benches are more intimate than typical public benches.

The Meeting Bowls are designed to generate a slight rocking motion as they rebalance when people step into and out of them. The gentle motion generated is intended to be relaxing and fun much like a swing but one for adults. Temporary and playful urban furniture, they encourage friendly dialogue between strangers in a close yet pleasant space.

A Public Art Project supported by the Times Square Alliance, University of Alcalá, Consulate General of Spain in New York and Spain Culture New York. During the time that the Meeting Bowls were in Times Square the Alliance estimates that approximately 20,000,000 pedestrians saw them and tens of thousands took photographs.

Each of the three Meeting Bowls are made from CNC cut fiber board. mmmm… designed and constructed a prototype in Spain and sent the digital drawings to a fabricator in New Jersey who produced the final pieces. The team spent two days assembling the three Bowls in Times Square with screw guns and hammers.

Watch the Meeting Bowls…




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