Dymaxion Sleep (curled up)

Designed by Jane Hutton & Adrian Blackwell, Dymaxion Sleep (curled up) was exhibited in Metis Garden Festival between 2009-2011.

Dymaxion Sleep (curled up) is a structure of nets suspended above a field of aromatic plants. The original structure, installed in 2009, was an unfolded icosahedron, the form of Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion World Map. In curled up, half of the structure has been rolled up to form a secret, shaded enclosure. Mint, lemon geranium, lavender, and fennel mimic the structure’s topography and define scented regions upon which to lie.

If Fuller’s map reconfigured standard representations of the world by refusing to define orientation, Dymaxion Sleep sets up surfaces on which to relax in different configurations: curled up, stretched out, or piled upon friends.

Dymaxion Sleeptakes its name from the title of a 1943 Time magazine article which describes Fuller’s regimen of polyphasic sleep – thirty minutes asleep, followed by six waking hours – a reconfiguration he used to dynamically maximize his body’s productivity.

Dymaxion Sleep subverts Fuller’s focus on efficiency and work and instead maximizes the garden as a space for pleasure and dreams.

Plan view:

Media: Dymaxion Sleep (curled up)

text&images: http://www.refordgardens.com


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