Piazza Nember

Piazza Nember in Jesolo Lido/Venice, is located along the commercial route coming from Piazza Marconi.



With its formal and functional characteristics, the proposed project seeks to recover the residual space of the roundabout by creating a place for pedestrians.



Project client: City of Jesolo

Completion date: May, 2012



This place referred to”square”, provides a pedestrian space via three key actions:

1. Reducing road section according to real needs and reorganizing the vehicular parking;

2. Enlarging the  pedestrian area and  redesigning it with a consistent roundabout;

3. Connecting the new central space with commercial pedestrian lane while creating a continuity in pedestrian walkway and the visual connection of the Mille and Verdi roads.





Project designers: StudioLandS, STRADIVARIE ARCHITETTI ASSOCIATI, Alessandro Pasqual (security), Alessandro Talon (topography), Raffaele Barbetta (agronomy), Valentina Muti (collaborator), Michele Perissinotto (collaborator)




text&images: europaconcorsi

original text translated by laud8.


One response to “Piazza Nember

  1. Amazing look!! in a city of Concrete I think its working like a life of that place . I am not in any place like that . Si I miss them very much . It is a great job .

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