Ricard Viñes Plaza

The ‘Ricard Viñes Plaza’ designed by Barcelona-based architecture office EMBT (enric miralles, benedetta tagliabue) is an open green space at the heart of Lleida, Spain.

Pivoting around a sculpture dedicated to the musician ricard viñes, the design pulls from the idea of a traditional circular labyrinth to create an inviting public space out of bands of planting and brick paving.


Situated at a key junction in the city’s traffic, the 9,200 m² plaza gives the space back to the public with the core of its design centered around the movement of the pedestrian. much like a labyrinth.

The curvilinear carvings on the paving maps out a dance-like choreography on the square. the bands generate and guide a flowing  circulation that the pedestrians are free to follow, constructing a route that encourages multiple vantage points of the immediate site.

laud8-rvs3 laud8-rvs4

Incorporating green areas into the plan, the different zones of the plaza is defined through trees and low shrubs as well as circular benches and natural stone pavings. at night, a sculptural light source starting from one side of the circle illuminates the whole square, lending a ‘street party’ atmosphere to the public space as well as serving as a visual landmark in the city.

laud8-rvs5 laud8-rvs6 laud8-rvs7 laud8-rvs8


text&images: designboom


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