TOM: Temporary Overlay Markers

Designed by Claude Cormier + Associés; ‘TOM’ is a temporary garden that transforms the avenue to the Museum into a field of 3500 ‘Temporary Overlay Markers’ (TOM).


These are the same markers used to demarcate temporary lanes in highway work zones before permanent lane lines are installed.  Planted according to a regular grid, these raised markers delineate a pointillist expression in yellow and white.


The transformed roadway evokes a carpet of daisies while borrowing and multiplying an element from the world of automobile road culture.


The chromatic surface outlines what will become a permanent dedicated pedestrian zone in the near future, physically and visually bringing together the collection of new and old pavilions that compose the architectural assemblage of the institution.

laud8-tom4 laud8-tom5 laud8-tom6 laud8-tom7 laud8-tom8

‘TOM’ becomes a courtyard garden that merges pavement with the notion of flowers.



Project Client: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Year: 2012

Project surface: 350m²


text&images: Claude Cormier


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