Primary School for Sciences and Biodiversity

At the heart of the large ongoing urban renovation of the area including the now well-known Ile Seguin, where Renault used to have their main factories, Chartier Dalix Architectes just won the competition for an innovative type of school. It will be mixed with a public gymnasium and both will be covered with a “living” shell, hosting a wide range of local fauna and flora, from bugs to owls through different species of trees and plants.

laud8-blg1 laud8-blg2

The matter being to simulate a self-contained ecosystem, a landscape and a view for the surrounding buildings, a rich field of explorations and discoveries for children. In this complex context we opted for a plain architecture, connecting volumes and fonctions into a fluid shape.laud8-blg3 laud8-blg4

This artificial topography generates hollows and bumps, paths and sheltered areas, with no rupture or arrangement.The school is an extruded bit of territory, a both human promoted and self growing canopy landscape. Following this logic, class rooms softly curl up arround playgrounds and vegetated areas, increasing contacts and views.laud8-blg5 laud8-blg6

text & images: Chartier-Dalix

seen at: divisare


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