Espacios de Paz (Spaces for Peace)

Espacios de Paz(Spaces for Peace) is an exercise of Participatory Design that attempt to activate processes of physical and social transformation through the self-construction of public spaces in conflicting areas.

laud8-espacios1 laud8-espacios2 laud8-espacios3

Promoting a culture of peace that encourages peaceful coexistence, comes from redefining the territories. Ensuring that the “zones of danger”, areas with high presence of all kind of violence, are transformed into “zones of peace”, areas with the possibility of creating social dynamics that invite new ways of living in communities, transforming the basic categories that rule the daily life: the use of time and space.laud8-espacios4 laud8-espacios5 laud8-espacios6

An opportunity to work on the processes of learning and cooperation,based on the exchange and transfer of knowledge and experience, turning human and territorial potential into power, “the ability to do.” Ensure that individuals are involved all together and recognized as a whole in the site, being conscious that their own contribution is part of the general result.laud8-espacios7 laud8-espacios8

Organizers: Comisión Presidencial del Movimiento por la Paz y la Vida
Direction: PICO Estudio / Venezuela

source and more on: divisare


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