Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar

Splintering from Queensbridge Square’s iconic Red Stair, the Urban Coffee Farm reinterprets a terraced coffee farm in the centre of the bustling city. The design of the Urban Coffee Farm transplants the world’s exotic and elusive coffee growing origins to Melbourne’s CBD, generating a new landscape for the visitor to explore. An undulating hill gives the visitor a glimpse of the story of coffee – from seedling to coffee cup – while wandering through the farm.

laud8-coffeefarm1   laud8-coffeefarm4

A sequence of educational components is integrated into the design and they illuminate the process of harvesting and preparing the coffee cherries for export. Finally, and perhaps most importantly in our caffeinated city, the visitor can sample freshly and expertly brewed coffee in the Tasting Café, hidden within the hill.


The core building materials of the Urban Farm are shipping containers and pallets – the key logistical component of the global coffee industry which bring harvest coffee beans to our shores. The Tasting Café and educational presentation zone are housed in shipping containers, disguised by the sculpted terrain of planted shipping pallets and crates.


The Urban Coffee Farm brings Melbourne Food and Wine Festival visitors together in an engaging learning and social environment that responds to this year’s festival theme of earth.

Project awards:

2014 Australian Interior Design Awards – Winner – Installation Design

2014 Australian Interior Design Awards – Winner – Sustainability Advancement Award

2013 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Awards (Victoria) – Award for Research and Communication in Landscape Architecture

text&images: hassellstudio


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