Designed by Lundgaard and Tranberg; Tietgenkollegiet is located between the district’s two channels in Ørestad Nord, Copenhagen. With its circular shape, the building provides a diversity in architectural pattern of the area.


This circular shape also provides a logical organization of the building; dorm rooms are located on the outside with a view of the surrounding city, while communal and distribution times are oriented to the courtyard of the college center.



The architectural idea reflected in this way so special about college as living arrangements: the interaction between the individual and the collective.




In ground plan includes building common functions for the entire college, such as administration, meeting and study rooms, workshops, laundry, mail room and party room. The 6 upper floors contain College 360 ​​homes that are organized into 30 groups of 12, each with a shared kitchen, living room and utility room.

Prizes :

The Association for the Capital Forskønnelses Diploma 2005
Træprisen 2006
City of Copenhagen 2006
Copenhagen Cultural Foundation 2006
Træprisen , 2006
Concrete Element Prize 2007
The Aid Forum Award / Best Nordic Interior 2007
RIBA European Award 2007

text and media: ltarkitekter and first image via inhabitat 


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