Multy-Sensorial Garden at Rupicole Park

The design criteria governing the project of this garden follow those of multy-sensorial design, which is based on the stimulation of all five senses, so that people having psychological, cognitive and psychic difficulties may make use of the visual, acoustic, tactile, olfactory and kinaesthetic indications to move around autonomously within the facility and recognise the various areas and functions it offers.


The garden is organized in more areas, such as: japanese garden, rinascimental garden, bamboo garden, arab garden, a smell garden and a taste garden where is possible to practise horticultural therapy. Is also designed a special path-way for visually impaired people, where they have the chance to touch reproduction of local vegetation and animals.


The most interesting thing is that in the garden are organized many different activities for disabled people, such as: special courses to became gardeners; partecipating to garden and horticultural therapy; getting always in touch with people living in the area.


text&images: IS Design Group


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