Motril Footbridge

Structure designed to improve accessibility, solves the pedestrian continuity between two existing green spaces in the near Motril Center, located at different levels, saving the Avenida de la Virgen de la Cabeza, Carretera del Puerto, main entrance of the city of traffic and solving access to a public school, safely.


The structures that have been used are organic hexagonal shapes whose design allows easy adaptation to surrounding environment. The support of these structures are based on the corresponding lower bound Avenue, to emerge as arboreal forms and consolidate the catwalk in its upper bound.


The manufacturing process structures continues with advanced manufacturing systems in which the architect must produce all the cutting of their projects through parametric design programs and scripting.


Programa de Transición al Empleo de la Junta de Andalucía (Transition to Employment Program of the Andalusia) 2.009-2010 (Protect) project contributes to job creation and revitalization of the local economy.


It aims for a new constructive solution that develops in a local workshop, despite its low budget of material execution €384,514.62. The workshop is the first time that this type of parts is executed, acting architects and technical assistance of the latter, in situ, throughout the manufacturing process.


The structure is built with steel, of variable thickness, so that the cutting and folding of this smooth surface can create a continuous hollow structural member. The clearances of the structure have been closed on its upper face by opaque surfaces allowing foot traffic. In its lower face, glazed closures have been interspersed with LED lights, which allow both lighting the structure and the Avenue.



Designed by Gijon Arquitectura, the bridge became a structure which blends into the landscape solving the overpass, accessibility, lighting and respecting existing vegetation.

Sheet Metal plagued 3, 5, 10 mm
Fill Arlite Weber type G3
Painting ALP, Eiffel, finished fine-grained metallic paint.
Railing. Safety glass 6 + 6
Lighting. Laminar translucent 5 + 5
Pavement. 60×20 3cm granite. Meeting with Sikaflex
Masonry wall view of limestone
Concrete off (between 5-10mm).

text&images: Gijon Arquitectura

translated via Google


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