Airaldi Durante Square

In the historic center of Alassio, the square designed by UNA2, is the point at which the front built stops and opens towards the sea.
A large platform in larch (41×12) elevated 40 cm and built on the ground of an old building, allows you to see the sea even in summer, over the line of the cabins. The rest of the floor is in sandstone, in continuity with the existing pavement in the village.
laud8-airaldi1 laud8-airaldi2

The sessions are five large circles made with larch beams laminated current production, simply bent up to the radius limit.
Inside there are flowers, traditional tribute of Alassio to tourists in Milan, and the existing plants: an oak and a palm tree.
laud8-airaldi3 laud8-airaldi4 laud8-airaldi5

The edge on the ground, mosaic tiled favors the colors of the lights recessed beneath the seat. Inside the small fountain LED underwater reverberate mixing them reflections of the different colors.
A plinth / sitting marble and slate (the black and white of churchyards Ligurian) solves the side overlooking the square of the church of St. Anne.

laud8-airaldi6 laud8-airaldi7 laud8-airaldi8

seen at: divisare

text&images: una2 | translated via Google


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