Designed by Latz + Partner; Raadhuisplein, formerly a through-route and a large car park, is surrounded by a shopping centre and the town hall to the east while the historic city lies behind it.

laud8-centrumplein (11).jpg

A theatre and the zoo planned for the western side are in the making. The new tunnel and underground car park render possible to redevelop this part of the city and to meet the aspirations of different user groups.

laud8-centrumplein (16).jpg

Warm timber and glistening pools of water link the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ landscape areas, trade and administration, culture and recreation. The stone-paved surface is interspersed with vegetation; like a carpet it frames and connects the heterogeneous building development and the landscape islands, thus creating a completely new urban open space.

laud8-centrumplein (5).jpg

laud8-centrumplein (1)laud8-centrumplein (2)laud8-centrumplein (3)laud8-centrumplein (4)

laud8-centrumplein (6)laud8-centrumplein (7)laud8-centrumplein (8)laud8-centrumplein (9)laud8-centrumplein (10)

laud8-centrumplein (12)laud8-centrumplein (13)laud8-centrumplein (14)laud8-centrumplein (15)laud8-centrumplein (16)laud8-centrumplein (17)

text&images: Latz + Partner


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