Strømsø Torg

Strømsø Torg, designed by LINK Landskap,  is directly adjacent to Drammen train station, Norway’s fourth largest station, catering to over 2.2 million passengers annually. Strømsø Torg is part of Drammen’s most important town axis, the axis between the classic square in the Bragernes district and Reisetorget in the Strømsø district, which are linked by Bragernes bridge.

laud8-stromso torg1

The square has been completely renovated and is now a worthy destination point and an important venue for the town. Vulnerable road-users are prioritised by reducing the traffic load, facilitating pedestrians and cyclists and improving the universal design. The square is divided into a large open space and a park section. A large number of people cross the square to get to the bus or train.

laud8-stromso torg2

The open space in front of the station encourages visitors to relax in a sunny part of the square and it is flexible with respect to a variety of requirements and events. The focus of the square is the water sculpture, designed by the English artist William Pye.

laud8-stromso torg3

Paving of natural stone defines and simplifies the square, while simultaneously highlighting the façades that surround the square. The park section to the south is calmer and more secluded. The old fountain has been given a new location, and with the benches and trees that frame this space, is a pleasant place to wait for the bus. The park consists of trees and lawn areas that encourage informal use.

laud8-stromso torg4

laud8-stromso torg5

Location: Strømsø Torg 1, Drammen

Client: Drammen kommune

Landscape area: 14 000 m2

Status: Completed: 2012

Photo: Hundven-Clements Photography


text&images: Linkarkitektur


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