Segre Street

In order that the streets of the Barrio del Castell in Malgrat de Mar, regain their ability to articulate the civic life of the community , the architects of  Territori24  have developed an interesting proposal modestly -and development and improvement of the area.


The proposal was defined through the participation of residents and seeks to blur the boundaries between pedestrian and vehicle circulation , improving accessibility and incorporating new trees, furniture and attractive signage for zoning its different parts.


Desciription by the architects: The aim of the project is the transformation of the Segre, Montnegre Tordera and Montseny streets in a space with priority for pedestrians, improving the accessibility and providing quality the public space , creating a space where mobility of pedestrians is complemented mobility of vehicles, in an area of 10km / h, regulating traffic and parking.

To achieve these objectives we propose:

Improve the physical accessibility of the whole, still relevant improvement in reducing the section of the road and incorporating sections of rail; and facilitate understanding of the priorities of the street movement clearly marking the path of the vehicles and pedestrians through a specific signaling slip made with white paint. The parallel white lines are the pass code for pedestrians and yellow lines are the code for fords and no parking.


A third graphical code, based on the reinterpretation of the leaves of a tree, is a distinguishing feature of the streets. The orthogonal grid is superimposed on a carpet of leaves painted that refer to the shade of the trees (which have not yet grown). A place to stand and meet.


To achieve continuity of space, we propose a asphalt paving reddish, not rigidly differentiate the different uses that supports street: pedestrians, road traffic, parking, etc.

We propose an asymmetric street single platform and a step of kilter 1,5m vehicles located on one side and 3.5 m from each other. A widening of the space dedicated to pedestrians allowing a wide enough area to have breakpoints and neighborhood relationship.


Since today is parked on both sides of the street and in the participatory sessions with neighbors the need to maintain some parking spaces was detected, the proposal provides three parking spaces by street, placed according to a study of the tickets to existing and potential entries in a future homes. The proposal incorporates in Tordera and Montnegre streets, squares a horizontal break concrete. The elements of the square, the wall and stairs are proposed as places to stop and outdoor gathering.


We are equipping the public space with vegetation and sufficient to transform the road and stop at a nice time for people street furniture. For people with mobility difficulties, we put a chair with back and arms on each street.


We incorporate tree planting evergreens that provide green all year, since due to its location does not act as shadow elements. Points also put concrete circular seating along the street and rubbish bins. These elements act both as deterrents for cars without having to make use of pylons.


Given the steep slope with the streets, between 14% and 20% and to facilitate the rise, we put sections of railing attached to facade.


Developer: Malgrat de Mar Town Council
Architects: Territori24 | acces_sos
In colaboration: La Petita Dimensió
Photographs: Adrià Goula ©
Project year: 2009 / 2012
Construction year: 2011 /2013
Surface area: 950 m2 + 803 m2
Budget: €248,021 + €69,562.70 (VAT not inc.)


via: plataforma arquitectura

translated to English via Google Translate



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