The Square of Jan Stenbeck

The Square of Jan Stenbeck is a winning proposal from 2007, a collaborative project between SWECO Architects and Funkia Landscape architects.

Jimmy Norrman is one of the two architects behind the proposal. The opening ceremony was held in autumn 2010.

The underlying concept for the design was the global world. Three gigantic plant boxes were placed on the square, each containing biotopes from three different parts of the world. These boxes, made of metal, also served as giant furniture.

Organic shapes, plateaux and flights of steps twist and turn between these pieces of furniture. The differences in elevation together with the very varied vegetation all contribute to provide a dynamic experience and stir the curiosity of the viewer.

The project was a pioneering work for Sweden, using yellow-beige ‘Densiphalt’, a form of asphalt stabilized with concrete as flooring.



text&images: scandinavian-architects


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