Horse Land

Designed by 100architects,Horse Land is a sport and play area merged in a colorful horse-shaped landscape.

It is a public space project comprising a combination of landscape design and different outdoor facilities in a single space, such as sport features, playscape features for kids and leisure features for adults.

The design of this vibrant and multifunctional public space resembles the abstract geometry of a Horse when seen from an aerial point of view.

The big majority of playing surfaces and sport areas are solved with EPDM rubber in multiple vibrant colors to highlight the geometrical intersections of different circles.

The remaining circulation space is solved with shades of grey pavement stone, allowing a strong contrast with the shape of the Horse.


Project Name: Horse Land
Design: 100architects (Shanghai)
Design Team: Marcial Jesús, Javier González, Lara Broglio, Mónica Páez, Keith Gong.
Client: DongYuan Dichan Properties
Area: 1,350 m²
Completion: January 2019
Location: Shanghai, China


Text&Images: 100architects

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